New Daniel Day Lewis Film

There is finally some news out about a new film that stars Daniel Day Lewis as fashion designer Charles James set in England and produced by Paul Thomas Anderson.  I mention this a take note because whenever Daniel is involved in a movie its noteworthy as he is one of the greatest actors in the business as the article below suggests he is practically Oscar worthy and the movie isnt even done. Working title is The Phantom Thread.

We Finally Have More Details About Paul Thomas Anderson’s Next Film With Daniel Day-Lewis
By Jordan Crucchiola

Ten years ago, director Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis spun gold together with There Will Be Blood. Now, they’ve started shooting Anderson’s next feature, an untitled period drama set in 1950s London that focuses on a highly sought-after dressmaker who designed for the royals and British society (Vulture’s guess is that it’s about real-life capricious fashion designer Charles James). The movie, which has a title card reading Phantom Threads floating around online in some set photos, also brings Anderson back together with other longtime collaborators, including Oscar-winning costume designer Mark Bridges, who has worked on eight straight projects with the director, as well as composer Jonny Greenwood, who previously composed scores for There Will Be Blood, The Master, and Inherent Vice. We would now like to preemptively congratulate Daniel Day-Lewis on his future Academy Award nomination for whatever year this movie comes out.