Patti Smith

I recently listened to a  good podcast of Alec Baldwin and Patti Smith from his monthly Heres the Thing show.    Ever since I read Just Kids I look at her in a different light.  She is truly an artist in every way and lived that life.  Her early days coming up with the Beat Poets and then living at the Chelsea Hotel in the late 60’s and early 70’s was amazing.  Her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe was one of kindred spirits.  They each supported each other until one of them made it.  Here is the podcast link below .  Enjoy it.

Here’s The Thing
Patti Smith Never Wanted to Be Famous
Dec 27, 2016
Patti Smith defined punk rock in 1978 with her hit song Because the Night, but the New Jersey native was never looking for fame. A lover of poetry, art, and creative expression, it was the desire to “do something great” that motivated her to move to New York at age 20—that, and hunger. The oldest daughter of a waitress and factory worker, she knew how to survive on little money. Making a lot of it, she says, was never part of her journey. But an astounding journey it’s been—one that’s sent her touring around the world, writing award-winning books, and marrying a musician with whom she had two kids. She talks to Here’s the Thing host Alec Baldwin about singing poetry with The Beats, getting saved from a bad date by Robert Mapplethorpe, and her love for 7/11’s glazed doughnuts.