The Italian Dream

This is a book I recently ordered and anxiously awaiting to arrive .   I feel that the Italian culture of food, wine , fashion, cars , clothing , etc.they really get it.  They make the most simple things in life  looks stylish and elegant along with  a zest for life that is to be admired.  I have have traveled to different regions and can say that I was looking for a take away book that could remind of the beauty of Italy.   Take a look more of what the book will include and maybe someone who forgot to get a gift will enjoy this suggestion.

For more than three years, Aline Coquelle, the well-known globetrotting photographer, and Gelasio Gaetani d’Aragona Lovatelli, a member of one of the oldest aristocratic Italian families, have followed the map of Italy’s best wines. Thanks to Gelasio, readers are introduced to a tribe of artistic and wine-lovingamici, who share their passion for their country’s bounty. The Italian Dream Book is an escape into the effortlessly elegant Italian lifestyle, discovering hidden corners, savoring food and wine, and sharing joyful times with convivial friends from the foothills of the Alps to the hill towns of Tuscany to the relaxed southern seasides.