A Year of Loss 2016

From time to time as I was thinking of posting on the music front I kept getting taken aback by one loss after another in the music world as well as other public figures like Muhammed Ali.  I didnt post on all these artists as I felt after I did a few there werent going to be many more in 2016 but as we all know there was more to come up to and including last week.  I didnt want this subject in the blog to become an obituary so I refrained at some point.

The loss of Bowie in early January 2016 was a really tough one, then to be followed by Prince, Glenn Frey, Merle Haggard, Maurice White,  Lemmy, Greg Lake, Sharon Jones, Leonard Cohen, Leon Russell and recently George Michael was too much for one year.  I hope that 2017 we can get back to new releases, tours,  documentaries and enjoying what the great ones and new emerging ones have to offer.