Lieu Dit Winery

As the saying goes from small things big things come.  This small winery located in  Santa Barbara wine country is a consistent amazing producer.  I have had the opportunity to try their white, red and rose and they are all spectacular.  Most of the wine is released by the season and in small quantities.  Right now their white MELON is a muscadet that is really satisfying with any seafood dish or as a stand alone with cheese.  Their ROSE is made from the pinot noir grape and is a lovely blush color with a wonderful finish.  The SAV BLANC is very different and more of a medium body but the minute you taste you know this a winner.  Lastly, the CAB FRANC is simply sublime.  Another medium body red that is fruit forward and wonderful match with salmon, lamb and a good skirt steak.  Its rare that you like every wine tasted from one vineyard but this one is an all star.  Enjoy it if you can.