The Wine Show

I think this show is going to be a hit for all wine lovers.  Two popular English actors and panel of wine experts flying around the world to sample and explain the art of winemaking and enjoying.  The settings look marvelous.  See the trailer in the link below.
MARCH 4, 2016 | 01:20PM PT
ITV released a trailer for its new series “The Wine Show,” which features two famous wine amateurs: “Downton Abbey’s” Matthew Goode and “The Americans’” Matthew Rhys, who jet set to Italy to develop their wine palates.

The trailer, which includes scenic pans of the Italian wine country, previews the U.K. acting duo sampling a selection of wines, which a panel of wine aficionados curates from around the world (11 countries and five continents, to be exact) and personally delivers to the pair’s Italian hills villa.

We see Goode and Rhys, who are admittedly inexperienced in the art of wine tasting, exploring local wineries and the culture behind winemaking. The actors introduce a necessary charm to the wine tasting program, which they radiate through their enchanting accents and eager outcries like “Knock me down with a feather!”

“The Wine Show” premieres on ITV this spring with 13 hourlong episodes.

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