Pack Point

While many of us are traveling at this time of year I found an app that aids the traveler that packs the night before and you know who you are.  It is definitive travel intelligence for the packing impaired.  It will even tell you to bring an umbrella if your destination city calls for rain.  Check it out.

PackPoint (Free on iTunes and Android)

No matter how hard you try to plan, chances are you’re going to be packing for that big trip the night before you leave, if not just a few minutes before you head to the airport. PackPoint is an app that ensures you don’t leave anything you need behind. Just input the city you’re traveling to, whether the purpose is for business or pleasure, what activities you plan on doing, and how long you’ll be gone. The app takes a look at the weather and makes a list based on what it thinks you’ll need. It’ll even suggest you bring along an umbrella if the forecast calls for rain.