New Bowie Soon

The ever unpredictable David Bowie is releasing an avant garde jazz CD on his birthday in January 2016 titled ” Blackstar ” details have just been released.  Recorded in a small studio in Soho NYC called The Magic Shop will release the first single on November 20th.  He is also working on the music and  sequel to the Man Who Fell to Earth titled ” Lazarus ” .  More details below:

David Bowie Confirms a New Album, ‘Blackstar,’ but Little Else
By BEN SISARIO OCTOBER 26, 2015 11:19 AM October 26, 2015 11:19 am

David Bowie’s next album will be called “Blackstar” and come out on Jan. 8, his 69th birthday. A first single, also called “Blackstar,” will arrive on Nov. 20. That much we know.

But Fortress Bowie isn’t saying much else. The news of a new album spread over the weekend, when The Times of London published a detailed report saying that the album was his “oddest yet,” perhaps with jazz influences, perhaps with Gregorian chant and perhaps sounding something like Kraftwerk. Hey, it’s David Bowie, so anything is possible, right?

A brief announcement on Mr. Bowie’s website late Sunday confirming the release complained of “inaccurate reporting on the sound and content of the album” but gave few other details. It also did not challenge The Times’s claim that the album had been recorded at the Magic Shop, the small recording studio in SoHo where Mr. Bowie worked in secret for nearly two years recording his last album, “The Next Day.”

The Magic Shop, which has also been a favorite of Lou Reed, Sonic Youth, Norah Jones and Dave Grohl, is in a dispute with its landlord and may be forced to close soon after 27 years, according to its owner, Steve Rosenthal.

Last month, it was announced that Mr. Bowie had written the theme song for a new television show in Europe, “The Last Panthers,” his first project for TV or film in 20 years. And rehearsals for “Lazarus,” a hallucinatory sequel to “The Man Who Fell to Earth” featuring new music by Mr. Bowie, are underway in New York. The New York Theater Workshop production, which is still being written by Mr. Bowie and the Irish playwright Enda Walsh, is not connected to “Blackstar,” according to the online statement.