Tutto Il Giorno

I have had the occasion to eat at 2 of the 3 locations now of this wonderful restaurant being Sag Harbor and Tribeca.  While very different in ambience both superbly done in their own right.  From the well executed dishes and fresh ingredients this little slice of Italy is well worth a visit wherever the closest location suits you.! See below the details and ownership.  Ciao !

In 2006, Gianpaolo de Felice and his close friend, David Mayer, went on a long tiring bike ride in East Hampton Woods. Exhausted, they were craving a bowl of authentic Italian pasta without the Hamptons “scene”. They wanted local, fresh food, dreaming of dining outdoors under a European sky.

They imagined Gianpaolo’s Neapolitan mother coming from Southern Italy to the Hamptons to cook her Mediterranean recipes… Straight to the table to comfort their palates. They immediately made a pact to make it all happen and turn their savory dream into a reality.

They began searching for a location and called their dear friend Maurizio Marfoglia at Barolo to help them source the perfect chef for their endeavor. Without missing a beat, Maurizio and his family moved their city life to a quiet fishing village in Sag Harbor, creating a perfect parallel with small fishing villages in Naples.

Gianpaolo, David and Maurizio (Mau), continued their quest for the perfect location. They decided to partner with Tutto il Giorno founders Larry and Maria Baum. A fellowship was born when Larry joined Gianpaolo, David and Maurizio for the rebirth of Tutto il Giorno, Sag Harbor. Tutto became the perfect place for friends and family to gather in a chic and romantic environment with delicious and simple Southern Italian cuisine cooked by Chef Nicolas Reisini, a Northeastern native.

Gabby Karan De Felice designed the perfect dining atmosphere and complemented the overall experience by opening an Urban Zen lifestyle store next door with her mother Donna Karan, making the family experience all the more unique and special. This multi-generational business created a platform for the perfect aesthetics and the ultimate journey. Donna’s addressing people, and not just dressing them, set the tone for a new business model. The garden of Urban Zen helps create a perfect private dining experience.

After a few successful seasons, in 2009, Tutto South Hampton was born with Chef Alex Apparu. Alex brought with him the farm to table experience from his upbringing in Corsica and recent life in the North Fork of Long Island. Keeping the same philosophy and atmosphere, the Tutto brand began its expansion.

Now in 2014, the Tutto family has opened a new location in Tribeca, NYC, an urban adaptation of the brand. Joining this endeavor is our newly recruited chef, fresh off the boat from Naples, Agostino Petrosino.

Tutto will continue to grow with new locations in the near future…

tutto sag harbor