Tame Impala: Imposter Complex

Check out the new release from Tame Impala. They are a great band from Australia and their new single Let It Happen all 7 minutes of it is epic.

Consequence of Sound

Kevin Parker, 29, walks into an interview trailer behind the main stage on the first weekend of Coachella. Charles Bradley’s soulful cries can be heard as the door swings open. Parker is relaxed, Tecate in hand, scarf loosely tied around his neck, flip-flops worn likely for safety, not comfort — he virtually always appears barefoot on stage.

In a few hours, his band Tame Impala will provide direct support for the biggest act to ever come out of his home country of Australia, AC/DC. Though his project’s psychedelic rock past doesn’t necessarily draw a direct influence from the classic rock icons, the honor isn’t lost on Parker.

“It’ll be an even more momentous occasion if we get to meet them,” he says with a smirk, “especially Angus Young. That would really seal the deal.”

Tame Impala, from all vantage points, have a ways to go to reach AC/DC’s heights, but in terms of current…

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